WPT Biomass Facility and Greenhouse Development

The WPT project development is underway to support 2MW biomass generation to the Utility Grid and another 1MW for the 4 x 30,000sf greenhouse grow structures. The ASC will also develop an Ag product lab and oil extraction facility. This project is South of the City of Williams in Northern California.

ASC is developing and project managing the site in conjuction with the property owner

WPT Biomass updates available soon

Californnia City Natural Gas Plant

ASC is developing a 5MW natural gas plant in the City of California City, CA. This plant will provide the City additional power that is needed to continue the projected grow.

ASC is working with Sempra (SoCalGas) to provide market rate natural gas to the site. ASC has teamed with 3 property owners in the area to support their greenhouse facilities with Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

CAL City Nat Gas Production Available Soon


Zamora is an 812 kW project located on Interstate 505 two miles southwest of the I-505, I-5 interchange. Zamora is located in a sheep grazing pasture, and will be in continued grazing usage after construction. Zamora is currently under development in the permitting process. Zamora is slated to enter CEQA in two weeks time.

Zamora is being jointly developed between ASC and American Solar Utility.

Zamora Production Available Soon