ASC develops 10MW PV Solar Project in New York State

12kV Interconnection and 26,208 solar modules will supply energy for community solar to National Grid

Date: May 6, 2020 posted by Steve Rumbaugh

ASC teamed with High Peaks Solar to Develop a key Energy Project near Lenox N.Y. that will provide the needed power to the area. Building a 10MW ground mounted solar system on 75 acres of the 141 acres site.

ASC Brings online 2.48MW PV Solar Project

33kV Interconnection to the Grid

Date: July 22, 2018 posted by Dennis Mueller

ASC Energy Project will provide the needed power to the area for the area grow. Building a 2.48MW ground mounted solar system on 15 acres of the 40 acres site.

ASC Consults on Developes Oil Extraction Envelope

Date: April 16, 2018 posted by Dennis Mueller

ASC located the property and provided the support with entitlements, microgrid, permitting and project envelope management. The building is an ICF foam wall frame with 6" concrete steel reinforced walls provide a secure facility. High Flow Air Handling Equipment provides protection from potential gas leaks as sections of the facility is clasified as Division 1 Class 1 room.

ASC Builds Energy Efficiency Project

PV Solar, LED Lighting and Cool Roof for Church Complex

Date: November 4, 2016 posted by Dennis Mueller

ASC Energy Project replaces 1280 lights teaming up with LED lighting manufaturer Eiko. Working with our client ASC placed 3 new area light post and undergrounded all the electrical circuits. Placed 40 New High Bay Lights for the Gym. We also replaced the roof of the administration building with a new cool roof and venting. Additional we are building a 35kW roof mounted solar system

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ASC Builds 4 PV Solar Projects for Northern California Rancher

Date: October 2, 2015 posted by A.J. Rumbaugh

ASC Builds a Photovoltaic Electricity Generating system known as the Traynham Ranch Project. Arbuckle is located in Colusa County California, directly off of Interstate 5 about 8 miles north of the I-5, I-505 interchange. The project is highly visible and is going to generate much interest. The project provides a necessary service to the ranch operations that includes farming and ranching operations. According to Colusa County’s own Climate Action Plan, the County’s Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions associated with building electricity has increased by 38% since 1990. It is imperative that ASC helps the county lower their GHG emissions moving forward through distributed electrical generation. Producing clean energy for local consumption is the future of electrical generation and the only responsible path to environmental stewardship.

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San Benito Smart Park reaches Commercial Operation

Date: 1 JUNE posted by A.J. Rumbaugh

A project that ASC's members consulted on three years ago has finally reached commercial operation. The project was stuck in a long line of complicated financial transactions that delayed the construction of the project significantly. San Benito Smart Park is a 2MW facility, located in Hollister California. The facility is very important to the local infrastructure. Hollister is the end of the PG&E transmission line, and as such has very volatile electric service, experiencing blackouts and harmful power surges on a fairly regular basis. ASC's members offered invaluable expertise in getting the system permitted and built. As per the members of ASC, the project site is not considered complete until it is replanted with native vegetation, to help create a better quality habitat than the annually disked field the system takes the place of.

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ASC's Members Help Build a 12MW Solar Project at Indianapolis International Airport

Date: 1st OCT posted by A.J. Rumbaugh

In a state where 84% of electrical generation comes from coal fired power plants (, it is massively important to introduce renewables on a large scale. The 12 MW system installed on Indianapolis International Airport property was implemented with the goal of growing Indianapolis Power and Light’s renewable energy portfolio, and setting the tone for Electrical Generation in the years to come. Not only does this Photovoltaic system offset the need for coal fired generation, it is in a spot visible to anyone flying in and out of the Indianapolis International Airport, sending a message to travelers that the State of Indiana is starting down the road to sustainability.

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