Our Company

Our Origin

The evidence of human-caused climate change continues to grow, and we are already witnesses to its effects on human health, agricultural production and sea levels. The risks of fracking to health and water supplies have not fully revealed themselves. Carbon speculative fixes for coal emissions are a costly waste of public funds and divert attention and resources from the timely, fundamental change.

ASC was founded to work on behalf of the clients that want to develop an environment initiative, help protect public health, ensure access to clean water, and combat global climate change.

Further, it is ASC’s responsibility to ensure that the aforementioned activities take place whether taking an advisory position or developing its own solar projects. We are laying the basis for an adequate standard of living for today’s populations and future generations.

Mission Statement

American Solar Construction LLC was created with the goals of; promoting and building renewable resources, providing efficiency resources to clean energy and water projects, developing procedures and methods to protect the environment, and providing long term benefits to the environment and economy.

Call to Action

The time is now for a new, grassroots-driven renewable energy plan. ASC is working hard to implement a new plan that utilizes the environmental attributes of clean resources through community funding. As Congress debates major public policy in energy, nothing gets done. We need to ensure that our dollars directly support energy and water resources that protect public health. ASC has taken on the challenge of improving our environment by developing and supporting clean energy and water projects around the US. Your investment in ASC will help protect and ensure that future generations’ environment is livable. Our policies will not only benefit Californians but all the country and world.

Project Development in Practice

ASC develops, installs, and operates photovoltaic electricity production facilities to the highest standard of environmental responsibility. Our developments do not include any grading, other than road construction required for fire access by the permitting authority, and actively seek to minimize any other ground disturbance. One method that we have selected as a best practice is the driving of pipes to support the racking as they disturb much less surface area than other methods of anchoring.

Each project has multiple biological assessments, to assure that; any animals found on-site are given proper space, as not to disturb them, no endangered or threatened species are on the property, and no plants of importance are within the project area or damaged during the construction of the project. The biologist then puts together a plan of preventative measures for design and construction to minimize the impact on the animal and plant species that are in the general vicinity of the project.

Each project has an archeological assessment, to identify the existence of any archeological remnants of importance, and put in place a plan for the possible discovery of any archeological remnants of importance during construction.

Finally, each system and construction plan is designed for maximum efficiency, as to not waste the materials used in the components of the Solar system and minimize the dust and emissions associated with the construction of the project.

Our Team

Steve Rumbaugh - Chairman and President.

Mr. Rumbaugh has been in the Engineering and Construction business for over 40 years. He has engineered 100's of millions of dollars in construction for major companies such as, AT&T, Bechtel, United Technologies, Pacific Utility. He co-founded Internet Mortgage Exchange (IMX) which developed and patented the first business methods patent ever upheld by the U.S. Federal Courts. Mr. Rumbaugh has held key leadership positions in construction, engineering, real estate, and high tech companies. As an expert in designing complex systems he is called upon to provide key assistance by our clients in the renewable energy and communication industries. He holds 9 patents in wireline, powerline and wireless communication, error correction, surround sound audio, real-time transmission and lighting systems.

Our Team

Dennis Mueller - Director and CTO.

Mr. Mueller has 8 years of renewable energy system; engineering, consulting, sales, systems component design, and installation experience. Mr. Mueller has won several industry awards for technological innovation. Mr. Mueller helped launch, manage, and engineer a Dual-Axis Tracking product for JKB Energy, which has grown to 8 MW of systems. His previous experience includes 11 years as a mechanical / project engineer for the Trident II D5 Submarine launched ballistic missile systems program at Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. He worked for 6 years at C&K Systems.

Our Team